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Sue Kewley Bespoke Training for GSD Owners

Training for GSD Owners

I work with dogs of all ages, offering behaviour modification tools and protocols to ensure owners enjoy a rewarding and mutually respectful relationship with their dog.

Serious behaviour problems can arise at any point in a dog’s life. So, whether you’re a new puppy owner, have an adolescent dog, or a senior who needs help, I can work with you to provide guidance and management tools for even the most complex cases.

Raising a German Shepherd requires a unique skill set and the proper educational foundation. I’ll show you how to create and set boundaries and rules in your household and communicate effectively with your dog in order to achieve your desired results.

Contact me if:

You’d like to get a better understanding of your dog and their behaviour
You’d like to learn what makes your dog tick
You’d like to be able to communicate with them in a calm and effective way
You’d like to learn how to work through reactivity like barking, lunging and jumping
At our initial meeting, I’ll get to understand your needs and put together a customised program designed specifically for you and your dog.

Having wanted a German Shepherd since I was 17, I finally bit the bullet later in life.

I have had Labs and Spaniels – what shocked me was it became apparent quite quickly that the “one hat” approach…. does not fit all when a GSD is concerned!!

I enlisted the help of Sue, which was the best thing I ever did. 

She has basically taught me how to “speak Shepherd,” to see things through their eyes and to understand what they need as a result.

I feel I have learnt so much and not only do I have a “Happy Shepherd” now, but a well-balanced one that I am growing in confidence with.

Annabel & Frida