The German Shepherd Training Course For Dog Trainers

Gain the knowledge and skills you need to work confidently with German Shepherds
Sue Kewley German Shepherd Dog Trainer Specialist Programme

How do you feel when a German Shepherd client comes to you looking for help training their dog? How about when a GSD puppy enrols in your puppy classes?

You’re not alone if you feel wary, underprepared or like running for the hills!

German Shepherds are well known for their high intelligence, drive, and fierce loyalty. But they also struggle with reactivity, over-protective behaviour, intense working drive and other habits that make it hard for some owners – and even dog trainers – to manage.

You need to understand this magnificent breed so that you can confidently adapt your training skills and methods to the dog in front of you.

All breeds have innate traits and hereditary behaviours that require deep understanding so you can work with them successfully. And Shepherds are no different.

Welcome to the Happy Shepherd Pro

A six week training course designed for dog trainers and pet professionals.

The Happy Shepherd Pro is a course for dog trainers packed with insights and strategies you can use to revolutionise the way you work with your German Shepherd clients.

With specialist training methods, it’s possible to manage and even transform, seemingly the worst cases.

My programme dives deep into the fundamental characteristics and traits of the German Shepherd to reveal how these traits can manifest as behavioural issues that make them especially difficult for trainers to manage effectively.


As a trainer, I joined the Happy Shepherd course for two reasons; firstly, I was getting an increasing number of clients with German Shepherd puppies who just didn’t know how to handle them.

Secondly, I was also seeing an increase in reactivity cases with the breed. I wanted to make sure that I had a full insight into the breed so that I could offer my clients the best and most appropriate service.

From the outset, I was very impressed with Sue’s knowledge and experience with the breed. She is an absolute mine of information and has been such a wonderful resource for me in the period that I have known her.

Sue is approachable, friendly and extremely caring. She is keen to share her knowledge not only to help fellow trainers, but also to reach and help as many troubled German Shepherds as possible. Such is her passion for the breed.

I found the Happy Shepherd course to be informative and easy to follow and I made a number of friends on my journey. I am now armed with many new tools and I feel confident in my approach.

Another bonus is that my clients are benefiting massively!

I highly recommend the Happy Shepherd Course with Sue. I feel it is an absolute must for people working or living with the breed!

Melanie Smith - The Positive Pup

I walk students through proven and effective strategies for learning how to read GSD behaviour, intervene thoughtfully and quickly, and generate positive results for even your toughest clients or cases.

This dog training course is for you if:

You’re hesitant or reluctant to take on German Shepherd clients because you’re not confident you can handle them

You’ve never worked with a GSD before and don’t know what to expect


You’ve done some work with them and realise that they require a more specialised approach than your average dog

You’re in the right place!

In this course, you’ll learn:

The background of the breed so you can understand why we see so many of the behaviour problems that owners struggle with today
How to work with a German Shepherd’s natural personality traits and intelligence to your training advantage
The right equipment to support your training and how to use it effectively
The vital role of partnership and growing it with games and connection exercises
Proven and effective training skills that work for even the toughest cases

What you get:

Six self-paced guided lessons walking you through all the need-to-knows that will boost your understanding of the breed exponentially
Six live coaching sessions where we will dig deeper to uncover everything you need to know and answer ALL your questions
Actionable steps you can put into practise straight away
The opportunity to share videos for analysis so you can get feedback on real-life cases
Access to our private community group so you can connect, share and expand your knowledge together
The confidence to take on more clients, charge more per session, and grow your business to the next level


I recently completed Sue Kewley’s Happy Shepherd Pro Program. I’m now securing more work with GSDs. This course is a must for professionals and owners.

Isabella McBride - Smart Dog Training

About Sue

I’ve spent over 30 years training, breeding, showing and living alongside this wonderful breed through every life stage. From newborn puppies to teenage tearaways right through to senior Shepherds.

And I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you to help you understand Shepherds and get the best out of life with them.

My ultimate dream is to help nurture more Happy Shepherds!

Sue Kewley German Shepherd Dog Training Specialist


Your free guide to working with German Shepherds awaits

German Shepherds have been bred to be on the alert, curious and to protect. To manage their environment and to keep their flock safe.

In the absence of a job, GSDs will often become self-employed, micromanaging their environment in ways that create big problems.

As a dog trainer, you’ve likely experienced this time and time again.

Discover why these troublesome behaviours are so common and get simple training advice and methods for making progress with these challenging cases today.