I’ve been a dog trainer and behaviourist for  thirty years.

Sue Kewley German Shepherd Dog Trainer Specialist

While I’ve worked with all sorts of dogs and breeds, I’ve come to develop a very special relationship with German Shepherds, specifically.

This magnificent breed is known for their high intelligence, drive, and fierce loyalty, but in the training world, we’re also familiar with their struggles with reactivity, over-protective behaviour, intense working drive and other habits that make it hard for some owners – and even trainers – to manage.

I have extensive experience with issues like aggression and reactivity, and know that it’s possible to manage and even transform, seemingly the worst cases.

After seeing my own clients and colleagues struggle to manage these unique dogs effectively, I knew more education was necessary. So, I created The Happy Shepherd Programme to support both professionals and owners.

My program focuses on giving students a solid education in the basics of the German Shepherd personality, temperament and characteristics, and the tools to effectively train them with highly specialised techniques that speak specifically to their unique characteristics and superior intelligence.

I’m based in North Suffolk where I own and operate Sue Kewley Practice specialising in individual consultations for behaviour and training.

German Shepherd practicing dog training techniques
How to help client with german shepherd

Want to learn more?

Book a free discovery call with me.
German Shepherd practicing dog training techniques

Want to learn more?

Book a free discovery call with me.

More about me

I’ve written and presented Reactive Dog Seminars for the Coape Association Pet Behaviourists & Trainers Conference
I’m a full member of CAPBT, The APDT, ABTC, ICAN.
I’m a CAPBT committee member and have successfully completed my COAPE diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Training, undertaking further study with COAPE.
I’m a member of the APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers (0826)
I abide by all these organisations’ codes of ethics.
Sue Kewley German Shepherd Dog Training Specialist


I am a qualified canine trainer and behaviourist and I was helping a client with their female German Shepherd.

The case was complicated as lots going on within the house with young children, and the German Shepherd was full of energy and difficult for her owners to cope with when out on a walk.

I thought some specialist advice would be helpful, so I contacted Sue as I knew she has owned and trained many German Shepherds. She gave me lots of great advice.

Her knowledge on what motivates German Shepherds and how they learn was invaluable.

Alison Kennedy, Owner/Behaviorist, Chelsea Canines