Transforming the World of German Shepherd Training

Sue Kewley The Happy German Shepherd Dog Training Professional

Transforming the world of German Shepherd Training

Sue Kewley The Happy German Shepherd Dog Training Professional

Providing pet professionals expert training and advice

I teach pet professionals how to safely and successfully handle German Shepherd clients. With 30 years in the dog training business, I’ve gained a unique understanding of this magnificent – and highly intelligent – breed.

I’ve developed programs for trainers – and owners – that work with the fundamentals of German Shepherd genetics, behaviour and temperament and their need for meaningful work, as well as physical and mental stimulation.

As a pet professional, I know how tough it can be to manage GSD clients, as well as the frustrations they can cause their owners. I give you the tools to tackle even the toughest training issues with confidence. Learn how to safely and confidently work with even the most challenging cases and gain an expert level of knowledge you can use to grow and scale your training business.

While I’m based in the UK, my programs are virtual and accessible to all.

Let’s create more happy shepherds.

Work With Sue

Sue Kewley German Shepherd professional dog trainer

For Pet Pros

The Happy Shepherd Professional Programme is an 6 week online course that includes weekly, live and interactive sessions and provides students access to a private Facebook Group for ongoing support.

For Pet Owners

My training program for German Shepherd owners is customised based on each client’s individual needs

1:1 Mentorship

Private coaching for professionals serious about taking their business to the next level.


Sue is my go to person for anything German Shepherd!!

As well as breeding the most fantastic puppies for so many years, one of which I love sharing my life with, she has taught the dog trainer and behaviourists on my course all she knows about German Shepherds and reactivity.

Her insight have been revolutionary in helping me students understand this fantastic breed, and be able to work with them more effectively and successfully.

Feedback from my students has always been positive.

Thank you Sue

Claire, The Missing Piece

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Your free guide to working with German Shepherds awaits

German Shepherds have been bred to be on the alert, curious and to protect. To manage their environment and to keep their flock safe.

In the absence of a job, GSDs will often become self-employed, micromanaging their environment in ways that create big problems.

As a dog trainer, you’ve likely experienced this time and time again.

Discover why these troublesome behaviours are so common and get simple training advice and methods for making progress with these challenging cases today.